Good to know…
We love coriander, inform us if you don´t!
We use only cashew nuts, pine nuts and almonds in our kitchen, inform us if you are allergic!
Like Spicy or not? Kindly inform your tolerance.

Cash free restaurant

1. Chicken of the day  आज का मुर्गा

Chicken shahi korma   89:-
Krämig kycklingfilégryta med malda pistage- och cashewnötter

2. Veg of the day आज की सब्जी

Quorn Madrasi    89:- 
Grillad, marinerad quornfilé med färska curryblad och koriander i en stark tamarind- och kokossås.

3. Naan bread नान रोटी

+10kr Gluten free
a. Plain naan* 19:- 
b. Garlic naan* 25:-
c. Cheese naan*
d. Sweet naan 35:- 
e. Chilli naan* 35:-

4. Drinks कुछ पीने के लिए 

a. Soda 33:-
b. Shikanjvi (Indian Homestyle Lemonade) 35:-
c. Lassi
(Yoghurt Drink)  35:-   1. Mango    2. Salt
d. Masala Chai (Homemade Indian spiced tea)  teapot – 45:-

5. Sides ढाबे से 

a. Raita (Spiced yoghurt) 19:-
b. Chutneys & pickles 9:-/st 

  1. Mango chutney
  2. Habanero mango chutney
  3. Green chutney
  4. Tamarind chutney
  5. Coconut chutney
  6. Chili pickles
  7. Mix pickles

c. Kachumber (spiced indian salad) 25:-

From the Street ढाबे से

6. Masala fries 35:- 
Potato chips with tomato, coriander and onion hash
(For kids, plain potato fries).

7. Wada pav
Bombay style buttered street burger served with tamarind and green chutney.

a. Veg pav   59:-
Home made depp fried vegetarian patty.
b. Keema pav   69:-
Slow cooked minced lamb in Indian spices.

8. Samosa Chaat   59:-
Traditional Indian street food with vegetarian samosa mix in flavours of sweet, sour, tangy & spicy, comes with mix of chutneys and yoghurt.

9. Gol Gappay   59:-
Puff crepe balls filled with yellow peas, potatoes & a mixture of flavoured water topped with mint chutney, tamarind chutney and sweet raita.

10. Hyderabadi mini Biryani   
Long cooked rice, rich in Indian spices. Served with Raita.
a. Veg 79:-  b. chicken 79:-  c. lamb 89:-

11. Nizami roll   95:-
Flat homemade bread roll with either tandoori chicken/halloumi/paneer, paprika, ginger, lime & spring onions served with tamarind and green chutney.
a. Tandoori chicken  b. Paneer (Indian homemade fresh cheese) c. Halloumi

12. Khao gali pizza   95:-
From Bombay’s famous street, Indian naan pizza stuffed with tandoori chicken, fresh cheese, paprika, red onions & mix salad leaves.

13. Masala dosa 99:-
South Indian crispy rice & lentil crepes, served with chutneys and sambar(tangy stew made of mix vege, masala potatoes & lentils)

14. Salad plate 89:-
Grilled tandoori chicken/Halloumi with mix salad leaf, lime, roasted pine nuts, Homemade Fig Marmalade & balsamic reduction
a. Tandoori chicken
b. Paneer
c. Halloumi

15. Papadom 19:-
Crispy lentil bread with mint sauce.

Our Specials सदा बहार

(comes with rice) 

16. Chicken tikka masala  129:- 
Grilled chicken fillet in tomato cream sauce.

17. Butter chicken   129:-
Grilled chicken fillet in creamy cashew nuts sauce.

18. Murg Madrasi 135:-
Chicken fillet in a tamarind and coconut sauce, flavored with fresh curry leaves and coriander, topped with coconut flakes.

19. Palak Paneer 123:-
Indian home-made cheese tempered with creamed spinach, ginger & garlic.

20. Malai kofta 127:-
Home-made vegetable balls with Indian cheese in creamy cashew nuts, cardamom & saffron sauce.

21. Tadka Dal 99:-
Flambéed lentils with traditional Indian spices and coriander on top.

22. Jhinga Goan Curry 145:-
Delicious stew with tiger prawns in coconut milk with garlic, coriander, tamarind and curry leaves.

23. Rogan josh 139:-
Traditionally spiced north Indian lamb with saffron, cardamom & ginger. Garnished with almonds.

24. Lamb Punjabi Curry 145:-
Lamb in a sauce of onion, tomato, ginger, coriander and green chili.

25. Tandoori chicken tikka 136:-
Chicken fillet marinated in tandoori masala, yoghurt & lime. Served with tandoori sauce and chutneys.

Something Sweet कुछ मीठा

26. Gajrella truffle 49:- 
Carrot dessert flavoured with nuts and cardamom.

27. Pista kulfi 49:-
Popular homemade indian ice cream. Served with mango sauce.

28. Vanilla ice cream 39:-
Served with chocolate sauce.


Something different ?

If you wish for a dish that’s not on our menu, and you tell us a day or two before, we’ll be happy to do our best to fix what you wish for!