Meny Lindholmen

Good to know…
We love coriander, inform us if you don´t!
We use only cashew nuts, pine nuts and almonds in our kitchen, inform us if you are allergic!
Like Spicy or not? Kindly inform your tolerance.

Cash free restaurant

1. Chicken of the day  आज का मुर्गा

Chicken Chettinad 119:- 
En populär sydindisk kycklinggryta, tillagad i en pepprig kryddblandning frän Chettinad, spetsad med kokos.

2. Veg of the day आज की सब्जी

Samosa curry   119:- 
Friterade små piroger med vegetarisk fyllning, serveras i yoghurt- och currysås.


Something different ?

If you wish for a dish that’s not on our menu, and you tell us a day or two before, we’ll be happy to do our best to fix what you wish for!